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How to Connect via Phone or Tablet

Before you begin:

You can access any computer that meets these conditions:

Connect to any computer that meets these conditions:
  • Pro host software must be installed and running on the host
  • The host must be turned on
  • The host must be connected to the Internet
  • The host must not be in Sleep mode or Hibernation mode
    Tip: If the host computer is on a network with other Pro host computers then you may be able to wake it using Wake On LAN. To review Wake On LAN requirements, see How to Wake a Computer in Sleep Mode or Powered Off Using Wake On LAN.
  • The host must not already be controlled by another Pro user
    Note: Multiple users can connect to a host simultaneously; however, only a single remote user can control it. For example, one user can control a computer while another uses File Manager or Management Tools.
  1. Launch the client app on your device and log in using your LogMeIn ID and password.
  2. On the My Computers page, tap the computer you want to access.
  3. Choose how you want to connect.
    • Remote Control to control the computer.
    • File Manager to move files between your device, your computers, and your cloud storage services.
  4. Authenticate yourself to the host by entering your computer user name and password or Computer Access Code.
    Tip: Enter the user name and password you would normally enter on your computer when you see a Windows or Mac logon screen. Do not enter your LogMeIn ID and password!
    If the host computer is not a member of a domain, leave the Domain field blank. Generally home computers are not in a domain.
  5. To save the user name and password you use to authenticate to the host, select the Remember login option.

    Result: Assuming you do not log out of the app, this saves you from tapping your user name and password the next time you connect to the same computer. See also How to Manage Saved Login Details.

  6. Tap Log In.

    Result: You will be connected to the host computer.

What to do next:
Tip: If your password or Computer Access Code contains two or more consecutive spaces, exit the app and turn off the "." Shortcut feature on your iPhone or iPad under Settings > General > Keyboard.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022