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Reset Password FAQs

    is migrating Pro, Central, Hamachi, and users to a new Identity Management Platform which requires all users to reset their passwords.

    Why did I receive an email requesting that I reset my password? Is this email valid?

    Yes. Pro, Central, Hamachi, and share an older account management platform that is scheduled for retirement. By resetting your account password, we can automatically move your account to the new platform which is shared across most of GoTo’s (formerly LogMeIn) products.

    Where can I get instructions to reset my account password?

    View Reset a Password for details.

    Why didn't I get a "Reset Password" email for my Pro, Central, and/or Hamachi account?

    There could be a few reasons why you didn’t receive a password reset email after requesting it from the reset password page. View Why didn't I get my "Reset Password" email for my account? for details.

    Why am I being asked to reset passwords for Pro, Central, Hamachi, and, and no other GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) products?

    Pro, Central, Hamachi, and share an older account management platform that is scheduled for retirement. Resetting your password will automatically move your account credentials to our new identity service that is shared with most of GoTo’s products.

    If I have more than one product, do I have to change the password on each one?

    No. If you access more than one of these four products (Pro, Central, Hamachi, with the same email, you only need to reset your password once.

    I have Pro, Central, Hamachi, and, and I was not asekd to reset my password. Some users in my company were not asked to reset their passwords. Why?

    If you weren’t asked to reset your password, you may be part of a company with multiple GoTo accounts and haven’t received the request yet.

    Your company may also use single sign-on (SSO/SAML) authentication which is not impacted by this migration.

    After an account password reset, will I have to reconfigure multifactor authentication (MFA)?

    Yes. You will need to set up multifactor authentication again. View Set up Multifactor Authentication for Your Own Account for setup instructions and troubleshooting steps.

    Article last updated: 12 January, 2023