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Why do I see a message that email notifications could not be delivered?

    Email notification delivery notices are displayed within the "Activity" pane of incidents, problems, changes, releases, and knowledge articles. These updates will inform the agent if email notifications are successfully delivered, or have failed to be delivered.

    If an email notification fails to be delivered to a user, customer, or person that is enabled on the watchlist, updates will be listed within the "Activity" pane.
    Note: Only incident records will have both the Customer and User email notifications listed.
    1. Log in to GoToAssist Service Desk at
    2. Click to select your desired service record.
    3. Locate the "Activity" pane in the right navigation.
    4. If an email notification failed to deliver, an alert will be displayed, and you can click Click here for more details.
      Note: The notification delivery statuses are kept for 30 days after a service record becomes Resolved/Closed.
    5. On the Undelivered Email Notifications dialog, the following details are listed:
      • Email address of the user, customer, or person
      • Status (e.g., bounce)
      • Reason (if undelivered)
      • Count (number of emails sent)
    6. Click on any of the fields (listed above) to view the contents of the email notification that was attempted to be sent.
    7. You can address the issue stated in the undelivered email notification alert, then re-apply the same changes to the service record in order to resend the email notification.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022