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Resolve and Close Problems

Problems can be resolved, closed, and/or deleted one at a time with this process.

Resolve a problem

1. Open the problem to be resolved.

2. Enter the problem's workaround (or lack thereof) in the "Enter Workaround" text field.

3. Select the workaround status of the problem, as follows:

  • No Workaround – The was no workaround to the problem found.
  • Has Workaround – A workaround to the problem was found and detailed above.

Close a problem

1. Open the problem to be closed.

2. Ensure that the workaround status is marked correctly, then click Close.

3. Fill out the "closing details" to specify why the incident is being closed, then click Save.

Delete a problem

Note: Once deleted, the data will no longer be accessible within your account, however, the data remains stored within our system.

1. Open the problem to be deleted.

2. Click Delete.

3. A warning message cautions that this cannot be undone. Click I'm scared, don't delete this to cancel, or Yes I'm sure! Just delete it! to continue.


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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022