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Step #2: Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication as a user

    End users will need both a desktop or laptop and a mobile device to complete the enrollment. Begin the enrollment process by installing the GoToAssist Expert desktop application from a desktop.

    Tip: It is recommended to begin the enrollment process on a laptop or desktop computer. If desired, the enrollment process can be completed from a mobile device but requires manually entering the Key to link your mobile authenticator app, even if it is on the same mobile device.
    About this task: The following enrollment flow applies to the desktop app for Windows (this feature is also supported on Mac), however, the same instructional text displays during the enrollment process for all platforms.
    1. Install the GoToAssist Expert desktop application from a desktop web browser.
    2. Enter your email address and password, then click Sign in.

      GoToAssist sign in window

    3. Click Continue.

      Result: A verification email is sent to the email address that identifies your account.

    4. Open the "Email Verification" message, then copy the 6-digit code.
    5. On the enrollment window, paste the code you copied from the email and click Continue.

      Troubleshooting: If you haven't received the email, click send the email again.

    6. On your mobile device, install an authenticator app (e.g., LastPass Authenticator for iOS or Android) if one is not already installed, then click Continue.
    7. Leave the enrollment window open on your desktop, then complete the steps to register your authenticator app on your mobile device by either:
      • (a) Scanning a bar code (the QR code)
      • (b) Manually entering the code displayed on the screen in the authenticator app.
    8. When finished, click Continue.

      QR and setup code samples

      Result: Your authenticator app is now registered with your account.

    9. Enter the one-time authentication code (displayed in the mobile app) in the Enter setup code window and click Continue.

      Enter setup code

    10. Click Continue
    You have completed the Multi-Factor Authentication enrollment.