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Record a GoToAssist Seeit Session

Recordings are a great way to review all of the steps that took place when working with a customer in a GoToAssist Seeit session. As an agent, you can choose to record your session so that it can be saved for a later review, or share the recording with your customer.

When a session is recorded, the audio, live-streaming camera feed (i.e., shared by the customer), and any photos you share during a session (including annotations) will also be captured in the recording. Once the session has ended, you will have various ways to save the session data (i.e., session recording and snapshots (with annotations) taken during the session.

Note: Session recording can only be started by an agent.

Start recording a session

You can easily record any GoToAssist Seeit session, which will capture the audio, customer's camera sharing, and any photos you share with the customer during a session. Once the customer has connected to your GoToAssist Seeit session, you can begin recording.

Using the agent website from your desktop computer:

  1. Click the Record icon in the top navigation of the agent website. The Record icon will glow, and the message, "This session is being recorded" will appear on the agent website.

  2. A message will appear within the app of the customer's mobile device, "Session recording started," and a Recording icon will be displayed in the corner of their screen to indicate that session recording is taking place.

  3. On both the agent website and the customer's mobile device, the audio will immediately begin to be recorded. Click the Microphone icon to mute or unmute audio throughout the session.
  4. When the customer taps the Share Camera icon on their mobile device, their live-streaming camera feed will be recorded.
    Note: If the customer stops sharing their camera or sets the app to background mode, a black screen will be recorded for the duration of these events.
  5. If you choose to share photos (i.e., pausing live camera sharing or taking snapshots) during your session, the still image(s) being shared will also be captured in the recording. If drawing tools are used to place arrows on paused camera feed images or snapshots, annotations will also be included in the recording.

Using the agent iOS app:

  1. Tap the Record icon in the toolbar of the lower navigation to begin recording your session. To indicate the session is being recorded, the Recording icon will continue to fade and reappear throughout the session. The agent and customer will experience all of the activities in Steps #2 - 5 above in the previous section.

Stop recording a session

GoToAssist Seeit session recording can only be stopped by ending the session altogether.

  • To end the session on the agent website, click the Leave Session icon in the top navigation.

  • To end the session on the agent iOS app, Tap the Leave Session icon in the toolbar in the top navigation.

  • If the customer would like to stop recording the session, advise them you can end the session, or they can tap the Leave Session icon to end the session from their mobile device.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022