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    Keep track of what's going on with GoToAssist Corporate and learn about our newest features and changes! Please keep in mind that if you do not have the newest version of HelpAlert, you may not see all of the features and bug fixes described within the release notes.

    To view detailed information about each new update, visit the GoToAssist Corporate Release Notes.

    Desktop Apps (11.9.20) – December 5, 2022

    • This release introduces some under the hood maintenance improvements

    Desktop Apps (11.9.19) – October 24, 2022

    • Components of GoToAssist Corporate for Android have been updated to ensure improved stability and performance.

    Desktop Apps (11.9.18, b1408) – June 13, 2022

    • All applicable components of GoToAssist Corporate using ZLib for data compression have been updated with security enhancements (based on recently discovered vulnerabilities) to strengthen the overall performance of the desktop applications, including the desktop applications for Windows, Mac, and Session Replay.
    • Fixed an issue in which uninstalling via command line (using the GotoAssist Corporate Customer MSI file) did not remove the previous version.

    GoToAssist Corporate app for Android (v1.0.210) – April 28, 2022

    • Support for Android OS 11 – Compatibility was added to the GoToAssist Corporate app for Android to allow customers to join support sessions from their Android devices running Android OS 11. All Android devices must be running Android OS 7 (Nougat) or later to join support sessions, with the following features supported:
      • Remote control is available for all Samsung devices
      • View-only screen sharing is available for LG and all other Android devices

    Desktop Apps (v11.9.16, b1402) – March 12, 2022

    • Migration to AWS Cloud-based Services – All IP addresses used for GoToAssist Corporate sessions have been migrated, and are now being hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a dedicated hosting provider of GoToAssist Corporate. No changes to firewalls or allowlisting configurations are required. New icon
    • Change to Generic Customer Portal – To optimize security and performance, the generic customer portal at has been changed to All customers who join Phone Mode support sessions must now visit (or the designated customer portal provided by their representative) to enter their 9-digit session code and connect to their support session. New icon
    • Various operability changes and minor bug fixes were implemented to improve the stability and overall performance of the GoToAssist Corporate desktop applications.

    Data Replicator (v11.2.200) - February 12, 2021

    • Fixed an issue in which the Data Replicator failed to download data due to a missing component in all versions that were v11.9.5, build 1280 or later. This issue is now resolved, and all builds of the Data Replicator are now functioning properly.

    Desktop Apps (v11.9.14, b1393) - December 14, 2020

    • External Specialists Can Share Their Screens – External specialists (i.e., users that do not have a HelpAlert seat) now have the ability to share their own screens when they join another representative's support session. Previously, external specialists were only able to view the shared screen of the inviting representative and/or customer. This feature is enabled by default for all accounts. To disable this feature, please contact your assigned GoTo account representative, or contact Customer Care for further assistance. New icon
    • Fixed an issue in which the customer was prompted to enter administrator credentials to upgrade their support session to run as a service while the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Application for Pre-Installation package was already installed.
    • Known issue: Using the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application on macOS Big Sur (v11.0) – Customers using this application to join a support session may encounter issues if both of the following conditions are true:
      • The version & build number of the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application is different than the hosting representative's HelpAlert version (e.g., HelpAlert is running build 1393 but the Customer Standalone build is running build 1380).
      • The customer's Mac is already running macOS Big Sur (11.0)
    • As a workaround, we recommend that the customer remove the existing version of the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Standalone Application and install the latest version (v11.9.14, b1393) which will need to be provided by the representative.

    Desktop Apps (v11.9.12, b1380) – January 27, 2020

    • Operability and stability improvements for Windows customers

    Desktop Apps (v11.9.11, b1379) – November 18, 2019

    • Customer join support for macOS Catalina (10.15)

    Desktop Apps (v11.9.9, b1356) – September 23, 2019

    What's new in the Launcher Service & GoTo Opener App

    Released August 01, 2019

    • New warning message for insecure redirects
    • Download of GoTo Opener app is no longer blocked (Windows only)

    What's new in the desktop apps (v11.9.9, b1326) and Web Apps

    Released April 01, 2019

    • Ability to choose location for saving local session recordings
    • Improvements to local session recording behavior
    • Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements

    What's new in the desktop apps (v11.9.8, b1310) and Web Apps

    Released September 16, 2019

    • Search enhancements for session transfer/invite
    • Improvements to Queue Mode Portal Overview
    • Ability to display a "no representatives available" message
    • Improvements to Snapshot Summary report

    What's new in the desktop apps (v11.9.6, b1282)

    Released February 25, 2018

    • Improvements to sharing clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
    • Fix for preventing session lockup in HelpAlert
    • Additional changes and minor improvements

    What's new in the Web App

    Released December 12, 2017

    • Ability to reset passwords for non-validated email addresses
    • Ability to control clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
    • Improvements to managing business hours
    • New team setting for preventing representatives from denying pending queries
    • Enhancements to customer enqueue messaging
    • Finalized removal of previous company branding

    What's new in the desktop apps (v11.9.5, b1280)

    Released October 15, 2017

    • Updates to integration documentation
    • Improvements to native chat
    • Bug fixes and minor changes
    Article last updated: 7 December, 2022