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Session Collaboration (Invite to Session)

    Learn what Session Collaboration aka. "Invite to Session" is.

    In Web Mode and Queue Mode configurations, you can invite additional representatives to join you in an active support session to further assist the customer (also known as "session collaboration"). Invited representatives can either be visible to the customer or masked (i.e., hidden) so that the customer is unable to see their chats or view them as an attendee.

    Note: A representative can invite up to 7 internal representatives (i.e., Internal GoToAssist Users, from the same account) to the session they are hosting for a total of 8 representatives. Alternatively (if enabled within their portal settings), a representative can invite up to 5 external representatives (i.e., external specialists, users outside of the account) to the session for a total of 6 representatives.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022