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How do I invite external specialists to a support session?

    Representatives can invite up to 5 external specialists (i.e., users that do not have a HelpAlert seat) to participate in a support session. Depending on your portal configuration, these users can be invited to the session with view only or full remote control access.

    Note: This is a portal setting that is available for Phone, Web, and Queue Mode Portals, and must be enabled within your account by company manager or Customer Care representative. Additionally, your account must be running v11.7, b1181 or newer.

    Once the setting is enabled, representatives can invite external specialists using the same invitation as follows:

    1. During a support session, select Session > Invite to Session > External Specialists or click drop-down menu under the Invite to Session icon in the Chat toolbar.
    2. Select from the following Specialist Access Rights:
      • Control keyboard and mouse
      • View only
    3. Click Create Invitation to choose your invitation options, or click Close to close the dialog and return to HelpAlert.
    4. Choose from the following invitation options:
      • Option 1: Send Email Invitation - Click Create Invitation Email to generate a pre-populated email invitation that includes a Join URL, Support Key, and their Special Access Rights (i.e., control keyboard and mouse or view only) for the support session.

      • Option 2: Join via Phone Mode portal - Direct your external specialist to your Phone Mode portal web address and supply them with the code listed so they can join the support session.
        Note: If you are enabled for a Web Mode portal only, you can use Option 1 or Option 3 to invite your external specialists.
      • Option 3: Distribute Session Link - Click Copy Link and send the link to your external specialists so they can click on it to join the support session.
      • Option 4: Join from - Direct your external specialist to and supply them with the invitation code (or ask them to obtain it from the email invitation, where it is called the Support Key), then have them enter it in the Session Code field and click Start Support Session.
    5. If you decide that you want to revoke the invitation to external specialists that have already been invited, click Cancel Invitation Code. This will invalidate the session invitation code.
    6. Click Close to return to HelpAlert.
    7. The invited external specialist(s) can join the support session at any time while the session is active and the Invitation Code has not been canceled. Once they connect to the session, they will be prompted to enter their name, then click Continue to participate in the session.
    8. When the external specialist has arrived, their name will appear in the Attendees pane in the representative Chat box.
    9. The customer will also see "<Name> has joined the session" in the customer Chat box.
    What to do next:
    Note: If the hosting representative's settings allow it, the external specialist can share their screen during the support session.


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    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022