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GoToAssist Corporate Management Center

Learn to use the GoToAssist Corporate Management Center.


GoToAssist Corporate Smart Button

A full overview of GoToAssist Corporate featuring Smart Button.


GoToAssist Corporate Web Mode

Learn to use GoToAssist Corporate's Web Mode.

Other help topics

What's new in GoToAssist Corporate?

Keep track of what's going on with GoToAssist Corporate and learn about our newest features and changes.

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Learn more about our modes of connection

GoToAssist Corporate modes of connection determine how support sessions are initiated and routed to representatives.

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Provide support to mobile device customers

Deliver support to customers joining from iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices.

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Interested in integration?

You can integrate the GoToAssist Corporate service into your existing infrastructure.

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Check out our optional features

GoToAssist Corporate provides access to various features that provide the best support experience.

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Monitor all support sessions in real-time

Use the Dashboard to view all incoming and existing support sessions.

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Use scripted messages and URLs

Create pre-scripted messages and quick-link URLs that you can send to customers for frequently used responses or questions.

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View the Corporate Billing Account FAQs

Learn how to manage your corporate billing account, and get answers to common questions about invoices and billing.

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Use your mobile device to deliver support

You can deliver live support to your customers that are using iOS, Android, or Windows Phone mobile devices.

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