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Viewing a List of Available Computers via Phone or Tablet

In mobile apps, the My Computers page lists all computers in your account that are running Host software.

The My Computers screen on an Android, with an active search for the term "Mac"
Icon Description
Online. You can connect to the computer.
Offline. You cannot connect to the computer. See also Why does my computer show as Offline?
Note: To show only online computers, at the top of the My Computer screen tap the Settings (gear) button and slide Show Offline Computers to OFF.
The computer is ready for a wake-up signal via Wake On LAN. This is displayed when a computer is asleep and meets all Wake On LAN requirements. These computers are not shown if you are filtering out offline computers. For more information, see How to Wake a Computer in Sleep Mode or Powered Off Using Wake On LAN.

Computer buttons

Button Description
Log out or change your active profile. The Profile option is available when you are a user of another account holder's computers.
  • Show or hide offline computers
  • Change Save Viewed Files settings
  • Clear saved login credentials
  • Set timeout for your sessions
  • Enable the Alert Viewer
  • View the "Get Started" guide
  • Send feedback to GoTo
  • Check for updates
Refresh the computer list.
Tip: You can also pull down the computer list to refresh results.
Switch between open pages:
  • Go to Local Files to view files transferred to your device using File Manager
  • Go to Computers to launch Remote Control or File Manager
  • Go to any open instance of the File Manager to work with files
  • Open the Alert Viewer to view and acknowledge triggered alerts
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022