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Using Custom Fields to Organize Computers

The custom fields feature extends computer property information and integrates with your computer list seamlessly. Assign data of your choice to the computers you manage to find and sort them easier, or to add descriptive information.

Example: Some examples of what you can achieve

Find computers by location

  • You receive an alert for a computer that you maintain for a large organization. Find its location in the building with a quick search.
  • You receive alerts for multiple computers that they suddenly went offline. Location data reveals whether the issue is location-specific.

Sort computers by service status

  • Track and prioritize your maintenance backlog using service status information.

Add to-dos

  • Keep your action items in a central place and follow up to-dos efficiently.

Assign custom data

  • Looking for the phone extension of a workstation? Look it up in a custom field in your computer list.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022