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Mass Deployment of Host Software on Windows (Silent Install)

You can run your own script to deploy the host software to multiple computers at an organization.

Task 1: Prepare Your Installer Package and Batch Script

Ensure that all required deployment files for your chosen deployment method are in the correct place on your network. For more information, see Deployment Methods.

  1. Place your files in a shared folder that is accessible to everyone at your organization. For example, in a \\company\public folder.
  2. Optional (batch file deployments only): Edit your batch script so that it references the location of the MSI installer package, such as \\company\public\LogMeIn.msi.

Task 2: Configure Your Active Directory

In your Active Directory, you must define the computers to which you want to install the host software.

Note: These instructions assume that you have a Windows 2012 domain controller. There may be slight differences in other versions of Windows.
  1. (Optional) Create a new organizational unit for the computers to which you want to deploy the host software.
    1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers from LogMeIn Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
    2. Right-click a domain and select New > Organizational Unit.
    3. Name the new organizational unit (for example, TestUnit) and click OK.
    4. Configure the newly created organizational unit.
      • For per-computer deployment, right-click a computer object, click Move… and select the organizational unit (TestUnit).
      • For per-user deployment, right-click a user, click Move… and select the organizational unit (TestUnit).
  2. Create a Group Policy Object (GPO).
    1. Open Group Policy Management from Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
    2. Right-click the organizational unit (TestUnit) and click Create a GPO in this domain, and link it here....
    3. Name the policy (for example, GPO Pro Deploy) and click OK.
    4. Right-click the GPO and click Edit to open the Group Policy Management Editor.
    5. Configure policies.
      • For per-computer deployment, navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies.
      • For per-user deployment, navigate to User Configuration > Policies.
    6. Choose a deployment method.
      Option Description
      Script and Installation package
      1. Select Windows Settings > Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)
      2. Right-click Startup and select Properties.
      3. Click Add on the Startup Properties dialog.
      Installation package only (.msi)
      1. Expand Software Settings.
      2. Right-click Software installation and select New > Package….
    7. Browse to your batch script or installation package and click OK to close the dialog.

Task 3: Update the Group Policy On the Host Computer

As a last step, you must update the group policies of the hosts to run the installer package automatically when a user logs in.

  1. On the host computer, open a command prompt and type gpupdate /force to force a group policy update.

    Result: This ensures that the policy is applied immediately to the host computer.

  2. Reboot the host computer and login.

    Result: The host software is installed upon login.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022