Managing Third-Party Applications

    With Application Updates you can control how third-party applications are installed on all supported Windows hosts in your account.

    Remember: A Premier or Security subscription is required to use this feature.

    Windows only Available on Windows hosts only.

    For each computer covered by your Central Premier subscription, you can do the following:
    • View list of pending application updates
    • Install application updates
    • View update settings
    • Change update settings on a single host
    • Change update settings on multiple hosts

    Required host software: host software for Windows or newer.

    Who can use this feature? Application Update is available to any Account Holder of a Central Premier subscription and to users in a Premier account with the following permissions: Application update management.

    Make sure yourCentral version and your Windows OS is supported and is up-to-date. To find out the latest Central version check out the Release Notes.