How to Manage Incoming Alerts on a PC or Mac

Use the Alert Viewer to view and manage triggered alerts. Triggered alerts should be acknowledged.

Who can use this feature? The Alerts feature is available for the following:

Basic/Plus/Premier Subscription Modular Subscription User Permissions
  • Premier
  • Automation
  • Insight
  • Alert Management

Tip: You can also automatically run One2Many tasks in response to triggered alerts. For details, see How to Create Alert Rules in an Alert Package.

On the Computers page, computers with triggered alerts are identified with a red number signifying the number of alerts awaiting attention.

Triggered Alerts in Detail view
Figure 1. Triggered Alerts in Tile view
Triggered Alerts in Detail view
Figure 2. Triggered Alerts in Detail view
  1. On the LogMeIn Central Computers page, click the link showing the number of triggered alerts.

    Result: The Alert Viewer is displayed.

  2. For any alert listed on the Alert Viewer, select the check box next to the computer name.
  3. Click Acknowledge Selected.

    Result: The selected items are marked as acknowledged.

Tip: You can also see a list of triggered alerts by going to Alerts > Alert Viewer.