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How to Install, Uninstall, or Update Software on Remote Hosts

    You can upload .msi files to install, uninstall, or update software on the host.

    Before you begin:
    Who can use this feature? The One2Many feature is available for the following:
    Basic/Plus/Premier Subscription Modular Subscription User Permissions
    • Premier
    • Automation
    • Create and Modify One2Many tasks
    • Run One2Many tasks
    1. In Central, go to the One2Many > Tasks page.
    2. Click Create Task.

      Result: The Create Task page is displayed.

    3. Under Select for Windows, select Install or update software.
    4. Name the task in the Task name field.
      Since you may end up with many saved tasks, be sure to use a clear and specific name.
    5. To locate and upload resources required to complete the task, click Browse...
    6. Enter valid MSI parameters under Optional Parameters.


      To uninstall software, select the Uninstall option.
      Important: Installs must run silently and cannot require user input.
      Note: The Full command field shows the exact command that will be sent to the hosts. Use it to confirm that the syntax of the command matches the expectations.
      Tip: Consult the Windows Installer SDK for additional documentation on command line syntax.

    7. Choose whether to assign a plan now, or later:
      • To save your task and create a new plan that will be used to run the task, click Save and continue
      • To save the task without assigning a plan, click Save and close (you will be able to assign a plan later)
    What to do next:
    Tip: Once you have assigned a task to a plan and have run the plan, you can monitor progress and view logs on the One2Many > Plans page. You can view logs for completed tasks on the One2Many > History page.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022