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How to Execute a Remote Command

    Run a command on a remote computer with One2Many.

    Before you begin:
    Who can use this feature? The One2Many feature is available for the following:
    Basic/Plus/Premier Subscription Modular Subscription User Permissions
    • Premier
    • Automation
    • Create and Modify One2Many tasks
    • Run One2Many tasks
    Important: This type of task can only be deployed to Windows hosts.
    1. In Central, go to the One2Many > Tasks page.
    2. Click Create Task.

      Result: The Create Task page is displayed.

    3. Select Execute a remote command.
    4. Name the task in the Task name field.
      Since you may end up with many saved tasks, be sure to use a clear and specific name.
    5. Under Language, select the language in which to run the task.
      Language Character Limit
      CMD 1000
      PowerShell 15000
    6. Type the Command to execute.
      Remember: You cannot use One2Many to reboot a computer; therefore, remote commands and custom tasks cannot contain reboot commands.
    7. Choose whether to assign a plan now, or later:
      • To save your task and create a new plan that will be used to run the task, click Save and continue
      • To save the task without assigning a plan, click Save and close (you will be able to assign a plan later)
    What to do next:
    Tip: Once you have assigned a task to a plan and have run the plan, you can monitor progress and view logs on the One2Many > Plans page. You can view logs for completed tasks on the One2Many > History page.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022