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About Self-healing Alerts

A self-healing alert is a standard alert that you have set to automatically run a One2Many task when triggered.

Who can use this feature? The Self-Healing Alerts feature is available for the following:
Basic/Plus/Premier Subscription Modular Subscription User Permissions
  • Premier
  • Automation
  • Alert Management
To make a self-healing alert, go to Alerts > Manage Alert Packages and edit or add an Alert Package as you normally would. For any Alert Rule, select When alert is triggered, also start a One2Many task.
Tip: This option is only displayed when you have existing One2Many tasks.

To view the results of One2Many tasks that have been run in response to triggered alerts, go to Alerts > Self-healing Alert History.

Results can be sorted as follows:

  • Running
  • Completed today
  • Completed this week
  • Completed this month
  • All completed
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022