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RemotelyAnywhere System Tray Icon

    RemotelyAnywhere includes a multi-purpose system tray icon that you can configure via Preferences > Appearance > Systray Settings.

    Systray menu options

    Right-clicking the RemotelyAnywhere icon in the systray will bring up the following options:

    Systray Menu Option Description
    Open RemotelyAnywhere This option opens the RemotelyAnywhere client user interface:

    Figure 1. RemotelyAnywhere client user interface
    Open RemotelyAnywhere Web Interface Starts RemotelyAnywhere on the local host and log you in using your network credentials.
    Open Status Window Opens a window that updates you on the current status of RemotelyAnywhere.
    Initiate chat with You can start a chat session with the user whose computer you are connected to.
    Switch Off/Switch On RemotelyAnywhere You can turn the RemotelyAnywhere service on and off.
    Share my Desktop You can invite a guest to view or control your desktop.
    Convert Remote Control Recordings This wizard converts RemotelyAnywhere remote control screen recording files into an AVI file for playback in any media player.
    About Provides basic information about RemotelyAnywhere.
    Exit RemotelyAnywhere Quits RemotelyAnywhere.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022