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RemotelyAnywhere Dashboard Features

    The Dashboard offers the following features:

    Dashboard Feature Description
    Section-level details To view detailed information, click a section heading.
    Item-level details Click any item to view detailed information about the event, process, disk drive, and so on.
    Tooltips Hold your mouse over an item to see a tooltip containing a select set of details about the event, process, disk drive, and so on.
    Customizable layout You can drag, drop, minimize, maximize or reposition the various sections. Also, you can change the number of items to be displayed in certain sections (Events, Processes, Scheduled Tasks, and Journal).
    Journal Use this feature to leave notes on the Host's desktop. For example, notes on the current status of scheduled tasks, or the reason the computer was remotely accessed.

    You can filter Event messages. For information, see Monitoring Events in the Application, Security, and System Logs.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022