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Remote Printing

    You can print from the host computer to a printer connected to the client.

    Make sure at least one printer is connected to the client - that is, to the device that you use to access a remote computer.

    1. On the Remote Control toolbar, click Options > Remote Printing to activate Remote Printing.
      Tip: You can connect one or more printers when multiple client-side printers are available. For best results, only print to one printer at a time, otherwise this can lead to issues with the document reaching the print spooler successfully.

      Result: The selected printer (or the client's default printer if there is only one printer available) will be ready to receive print jobs from the host.

    2. On the host, print as you normally would during regular use.
    3. Make sure the client printer is selected in the Print dialog box: [Printer Name] via RemotelyAnywhere.
    4. Click Print on the Print dialog box.

      Result: The file will print to the selected client-side printer.

    Article last updated: 25 April, 2023