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How to View FTP Server Status

    1. Access statistical information in Server Functions > FTP Status. The following status information is displayed:
      Option Description
      Icon Represents the current status of the connection. A green checkmark indicates a ready, or idle connection. An hourglass indicates a connection currently in the process of logging in or becoming ready. An up or down arrow indicates uploading or downloading.
      User name The name of the user associated with the connection. For Windows users, it is in an AUTHORITY\ACCOUNT form. For FTP users, it’s simply the username. For connections not yet logged in, it’s N/A.
      Control address The IP address of the FTP control connection.
      Downloaded Bytes Downloaded during this connection.
      Upload Bytes Uploaded during this connection.
      Data address The IP address of the FTP data connection, if applicable.
      Path The path and name of the file currently being uploaded or downloaded, if any.
      Speed The speed of the upload or download process.
      Bytes left The amount of data left from the transfer operation. Only applies to download transfers, since the FTP protocol does not let the server know the size of the file being uploaded in advance.
      Est. time left The estimated time remaining from the download operation.
      Kick This button kicks the user out and terminates the connection.
      Ban user This button kicks and then bans the user from the FTP server. Only applies to FTP users, and not to Windows users. The user’s properties will show him as disabled on the server he was banned from.
      Ban user IP This option first kicks the user from the server in question, then adds an IP filtering rule to the user object that will prevent him from logging in again from the IP address in question. He will have the ability to log in from other IP addresses (depending on IP filtering setup) and the IP address will only be disabled for this user.
      Ban server IP This button kicks the user, and then adds an IP filtering rule to the server object that will cause the server not to accept connections from the IP address in question. The user will be able to log in from other IP addresses.
      Anti-hammering Information for each server is also shown, where applicable.
      IP address The address the attempted connection came from.
      Expires at The time when the anti-hammering ban is lifted. Users will be able to establish connections from the IP address at this time again.
      Bad logins Number of bad logins from the IP address.
      Delete Clicking this button will remove the anti-hammering information from the FTP server’s memory, thus making the IP address available for logins, had it been locked out.
    2. Click Refresh to refresh the list.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022