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How to Set User Access to an Externally Accessible FTP Server

    You can connect to your FTP server with any FTP client after you create a new FTP user and give them access to the server. Alternatively, you can allow any Windows user to access the virtual FTP server.

    1. To grant access to a Windows user or group on the FTP server, go to Server Functions > FTP Configuration.
    2. Click the name of the server you want to edit.
    3. At the bottom of the page, click Windows Users.
    4. Select the name of a user or user group. You can select multiple users on both panes at the same time.
      Note: To list user accounts from a domain rather than from the Client, enter the domain's name in the Default domain field and click Apply.
    5. Click Apply.


      Note: After you have granted access to a Windows user, you can use an FTP client to connect and log in to the FTP server. The user will have access to all files and directories below the server's root directory. However, on an NTFS file system, Windows access restrictions will apply. For example, if the user does not have the rights to read or write in a certain directory, he will not be able to do so via FTP either.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022