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How to Set Up Email Alerts

    Before you begin: You must set up your SMTP server first in Preferences > Network > SMTP Settings.
    1. Access the scheduled tasks in Scheduling & Alerts > Email Alerts.
    2. Configure your email alerts according to the following criteria:
      Option Description
      Event Log name The event log to watch.
      Type Optional. The type of alert. Can be chosen from the drop-down list.
      Event Source Optional. Type in the source of the message you want to be alerted on. For example, Security or Disk.
      Event Category Optional. Type in the category of the message as it will appear in the event log.
      Event ID Optional. Type in the event code as it will appear in the event log.
      Email The email address to which the notifications are sent. You can only specify a single email address per entry. Specify a group alias if there are multiple recipients.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022