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How to Select Files using File Manager

    File selection options are accessed on the File Manager toolbar. Shortcut keys are available for each option.

    To access File Manager, click the File Manager icon on the Computers page or on the RemotelyAnywhere left menu once connected to the host.
    Option Icon (Windows client) Shortcut (Windows client) Description
    Select files + (on the numeric keypad) Opens a dialog box you can use to select multiple files
    Unselect files - (on the numeric keypad) Opens a dialog box you can use to clear selected files
    Select all Ctrl+A Selects all files in the current location
    Select none Ctrl+- (on the numeric keypad) Clears all selections in the current location
    Invert selection * (on the numeric keypad) Change the current selection status to its opposite (any selected item becomes cleared and any unselected items becomes selected)
    Example: How can I select or unselect files with the file selector?

    The following list provides examples of using the file selector feature of the File Manager:

    What to select Syntax in the file selector
    Select all files. *
    Select all files and folders. \*
    Select all .exe files in a directory. *.exe
    Select all files and folders, then unselect all .jpg files.
    Important: You can only unselect complete directories, not files within directories.
    1. Click Select files and then enter \*
    2. Click Unselect files and then enter *.jpg
    Article last updated: 25 April, 2023