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How to Manage Users of an FTP Server

    You can modify the permissions, connection details, and limits of an FTP user.

    1. Access the server preferences in Server Functions > FTP Configuration.
    2. On the FTP Users tab, click the name of the user you want to modify.
    3. Specify the settings for your new FTP user.
    4. Click a button at the bottom of the page to change user settings.
      Option Description
      Groups Select which user groups have access to the FTP server.
      Permissions Set the user permissions for the individual FTP servers.
      Ratio Set the ratio between upload and download traffic. For example, an FTP server may allow users to download twice as much data as they upload.
      Disable Select the servers on which you want to disable the user.
      Home/Quota Specify home directories for the user.
      Max conn. Specify the maximum number of simultaneous connections for a user account.
      Welcome Compose a custom welcome message for the user in this window.
      Permissions report Provide a list of permissions of an FTP user for all FTP servers he can access.


    5. After changing the necessary settings and returning to the Settings for FTP user page, click Apply.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022