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How to Install RemotelyAnywhere on a Remote Computer

    You must have administrator rights on the remote computer.

    1. Copy the RemotelyAnywhere installation files into the current directory, either from an existing installation or from the installation archive available on
    2. Enter Install <-computer COMPUTER> <-path PATH> [-port PORT] [-minimal] [-license FILENAME] into a command prompt.
      Option Description
      <-computer COMPUTER> The name of the remote computer. This is a mandatory parameter.
      <-path PATH> The path of your RemotelyAnywhere installation.
      [-port PORT] The HTTP port number for the remote connection which is 2000 by default.
      [-minimal] Allows you to perform a minimal install. This option does not copy the documentation files, thus speeding up the installation process over a slow network connection. The two required parameters are the name of the Host and the local path to the intended destination directory on the Host.
      [-license FILENAME] Allows you to specify a license file to be installed on the Host.
    Example: Example Installation

    If you want to install RemotelyAnywhere on a computer called KOSSUTH in the C:\RemotelyAnywhere directory, and you do not want the documentation files copied, you must enter the following command: RemotelyAnywhere Install -computer \\KOSSUTH -path "C:\RemotelyAnywhere" -minimal

    This command creates the destination directory, copies all necessary files, and creates and starts the RemotelyAnywhere service on \\KOSSUTH.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022