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How to Change User Permissions of an FTP Server

    1. Access the server preferences in Server Functions > FTP Configuration.
    2. On the FTP Users tab, click the name of the user you want to modify.
    3. Click Permissions.
    4. Set the permissions of the user.
      Option Description
      Directory path The path you specify can be a full path, containing a drive letter, or a path relative to the server's root directory. If you assign rights to a path that is not within the server's root directory, the setting will have no effect at all.
      L Allows the user to list the contents of the directory.
      R Allows the user to download files from the directory.
      C Allows the user to create new directories in the directory.
      D Allows the user to delete or rename a file or a directory. Also required to be able to overwrite files.
      W Allows the user to create a new file and write data to it.
      Full access All of the above.


    5. Click Apply.
    Example: Example User Permissions

    The above settings allow the user to access FTP Server 1 - he has full control over the contents of the server. These permissions only apply to the root directory of the server and all directories below that. The user also has list, read and write access to the c:\work directory on FTP Server 2. However, the user has no permission at all to the c:\work\java directory on FTP Server 2. The user has no permission at all on FTP Server 3, meaning he cannot even log on.

    The rights you specify for a directory are automatically inherited by its subdirectories, unless you specify different rights for them.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022