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Why don't my mapped network drives show in File Manager?

    Most often, it happens because either the drive was mapped during a remote control session, or it was mapped by a logon script.

    In order for mapped drives to appear in file manager, you first need to log on with a Windows username and password that has the drives mapped to the account. If your drive is mapped by a logon script, you will need to manually map it. To do this:

    • In Windows Explorer, click Tools, then Map a Network Drive
    • Map your drive as desired.
    • Make sure to check the box that says "Reconnect at logon".
    • Restart the host.

    This is required as the host only picks up the Network Drives when it starts up. Also, if you are using an access code to access the computer remotely, you will not be able to see the mapped drives. You should instead use the Windows username and password to which the drives are mapped. You can do this by clicking More on the access code screen. Once you have met the above requirements, your drives should show up in File Manager.

    For more detailed info on how to manually map a drive in Windows, see:

    If you are receiving an "error (3)" when trying to access a mapped drive through File Manager, first check to be sure the drive is accessible through regular remote control.

    1. Open My Computer, and take note of the share name (share on 'computername').
    2. Connect with File Manager.
    3. In the path field, manually type the path in: \\computername\share
    Important: Be sure to type the corresponding "computername" and "share" exactly as they appear in My Computer.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022