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Viewing Anti-virus Status and Details

To view the anti-virus status of your hosts, go to the Computers page and select Detail view.

In the Anti-virus column, color coded icons indicate the status of each host.
Tip: Don't see the Anti-virus column? Click the column selector at the top-right of your computer list and choose Anti-virus.
Status indicator icons:
  • Host requires immediate attention because either Real-time Protection is turned off or there is no anti-virus software installed.
  • Host requires attention because there is an issue with the anti-virus software. For example, its virus definition is out of date or there are unacknowledged threats.
  • The anti-virus software is up and running and the host is not infected.
  • There is not enough information about the anti-virus software running on the host, but the available details do not suggest any problem with the host. Make sure that you have the latest Host version, your computer is online, and the anti-virus software is enabled and supported by LogMeIn Pro.

View details for an individual host

To view details for any individual computer, click the icon in the Anti-virus column.

The following details are displayed on the Host Properties > Anti-virus tab.

Detail Description
AV software name Name of the supported anti-virus software running on the host.
Virus definition up-to-date Displays whether the anti-virus software has the latest virus definition database.
Virus definition version The version of the database containing information on viruses.
Real-time Protection Displays whether the anti-virus software is protecting the host in real time (On) or not (Off).
When an anti-virus software is running in real-time mode, it can filter Internet traffic for viruses and scan files before you open or run them.
Note: Even if real-time protection is turned off, the anti-virus software may periodically scan for viruses.
Last full scan time Time of the last full scan. Click Run full scan now to use the installed anti-virus software to scan the computer for viruses.
Threat Log A list of viruses detected by the anti-virus software.

Click Acknowledge all threats to acknowledge the list of viruses. You cannot acknowledge a single threat.

Viruses are not removed on the host when you acknowledge threats.

Article last updated: 18 November, 2022