Understanding the LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender Scan Features

More details about what happens during scan levels.

The Threshold is the level that a file or application must hit before LogMein Antivirus powered by Bitdefender takes action against it. The Threshold score is calculated based on the file's behaviour and the information in Bitdefender's virus database. The Threshold score ranges from 40-70 and can't be modified.

Option Description
Aggressive Configures the scan settings for maximum protection against any type of malware. Threshold score: 40
Normal Provides optimum balance between security and performance. Threshold score: 50
Permissive Provides basic security but maximum performance. Has a file limit of 20480mb. Threshold score; 70

There are a variety of features implemented at different scan levels:

Table 1. Quick Scan
Feature Description Permissive Normal Aggressive
File Size Limit 20480 bytes none none
Scan Archives No No Yes
Scan for Adware No Yes Yes
Scan Boot Sectors No Yes Yes
Scan for Dialers No Yes Yes
Scan for Key Loggers No Yes Yes
Scan for Spyware No Yes Yes
Scan for known malicious applications No Yes Yes
Table 2. Full Scan
Feature Description Permissive Normal Aggressive
Deep scan of Archives No Yes Yes
Archive's Maximum Scan Size n/a 10485760 bytes 10485760 bytes
Scan Boot Sectors No No Yes
Scan Cookies No No Yes
Scan for Rootkits No No Yes
Scan Memory No No Yes
Scan Registry No No Yes
Use Smart Scan Yes Yes Yes