Trusted Devices

Save time when logging in to your LogMeIn account by skipping password entry and/or two-factor authentication on devices you trust.

How do I designate a device as trusted?
When logging in to your LogMeIn account on any given device, you can select the following options, depending on your security settings: Don't ask me for a password. I trust this device. and/or Don't ask me for a code. I trust this device..
What is a trusted device?
On a device you designate as trusted, you are not required to enter a password and/or verification code to access your LogMeIn account.
How do I remove a trusted device?
Go to Account settings > Trusted devices and click view devices. Review the list and remove devices as required.
What's the "trust period"?
By setting a trust period you are telling LogMeIn how long you want to trust your devices. For each trusted device you will only be asked to verify your identity when logging in outside the trust period. Each login renews trust for a given device. To set your trust period, go to Account settings > Trust period and click change.
Tip: In LogMeIn Pro, if Two-factor authentication is enabled under Users > Login Policy by the Master Account Holder, the Login Policy does not allow you to save devices.