Sharing your Desktop with Another Person (Desktop Sharing)

Use the Desktop Sharing feature to invite anyone with an Internet connection to use or view your computer.

When should you use Desktop Sharing?

  • When you are sitting at a computer that is running LogMeIn Pro
  • When you want someone to see your desktop (for example, so you can show how to do something)
  • When you want someone to be able to control your desktop (for example, to help you solve a problem with your computer)

Note: You will be given the choice to allow full remote control or desktop viewing when your guest makes a connection to your computer.

For security reasons, the following Pro features are not available in a Desktop Sharing session:

  • File Transfer
  • Clipboard Sync
  • Remote Printing

Can't access this feature? If LogMeIn Pro was installed by an administrator or via an Installation Link from LogMeIn Pro Central, your administrator may have restricted your access to this feature. Contact your administrator for more information.