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Rebooting the Host

You can reboot a host remotely.

Fastpath: Connect to a Windows computer and go to Preferences > Advanced > Reboot Options
Tip: Can't find the reboot options?
To access remote management features:
  • From the website, go to the Computers page and click the Dashboard link.
  • From the LogMeIn Pro Client, go to the Main Menu. Once connected, click Show Detailed Mode.
Restart LogMeIn
Restart the service. This does not reboot the host.
Normal Reboot
Close all processes and reboot the host in an orderly fashion.
Emergency Reboot
Available on Windows hosts only. Windows will shut down properly and flush all outstanding file operations to disk. Applications and other processes may not terminate gracefully, so you could lose unsaved data.
Hard Reboot
Reboot as quickly as possible. The operating system will not terminate gracefully, so you could lose unsaved data. Reboot is immediate (like pressing your computer's reset button). You will not receive feedback from the service.
Safe-mode Reboot
Available on Windows hosts only. Restart the computer in safe-mode with networking (and the host software) enabled. Safe-mode is a special way for Windows to load when there is a system-critical problem that interferes with the normal operation of Windows.
Scheduled Reboot
Schedule a date and time to automatically reboot the computer. This is useful if the reboot is not urgent and can take place during off-peak hours.
Article last updated: 25 April, 2023