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Is LogMeIn Pro compatible with Quickbooks?

Yes, LogMeIn Pro does work with Quickbooks, but there have been a few issues to report.

Transferring the Quickbooks data file

LogMeIn Pro is incapable of transferring a Quickbooks data file directly to, and overwrite, another Quickbooks data file. Please rename the file on the host computer and try the transfer again. The file transfer should then work. This issue is caused by Quickbooks not properly releasing its resources pertaining to this file on the host computer in conjunction with you trying to overwrite an existing copy.

Margins are off while trying to print remotely

This can sometimes happen with older applications that you may be trying to print from such as an old Quickbooks version.

Within the Preferences screen of the LogMeIn Control Panel, there are Advanced Settings. In advanced settings there is a setting called "Force Bitmap Printing". If you check or uncheck this on the host computer it may resolve margin issues. Just check or uncheck the box and select Apply. Then choose Remote Control and try printing.

Printer isn't showing up in Quickbooks only

Quickbooks will not display a printer whose name exceeds 48 characters, and since we append the printer with "via LogMeIn" when we map it, this can prevent you from using remote printing with Quickbooks.

To resolve this issue, please disconnect from the host computer, and open your Printers and Faxes list, usually located within the Control Panel. Rename the printer to something shorter. The next time you connect, you should be able to print from Quickbooks.

Printing Checks

In most cases, printing checks on non-standard paper requires a specialized print driver in order to properly align the text. Unfortunately, this may not be possible while using the printer.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022