IP Filtering Examples

These examples will help you understand how to use the IP Filtering feature.

IP Filtering Example 1

Allow connections from IP address and the network, and deny all other connections.

ALLOW 192.168.*DENY:*

IP Filtering Example 2

Allow connections from IP address and the network, but not from the address, and deny everything else.

ALLOW 192.168.*DENY.*
Note: Denying the connection from comes before allowing connections to the network. If LogMeIn was to find the ALLOW item first, it would let IP address through, since it matches the condition. To prevent this, the address is checked before the network to which it belongs.

IP Filtering Example 3

Allow all connections, except those coming from


IP Filtering Example 4

Deny all connections from the network except for the subnet; allow all other connections

ALLOW:192.168.12.*DENY: (