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I got a certificate error when connecting via iOS to my WebDAV provider. What should I do?

    When connecting to a WebDAV service via LogMeIn for iOS, you may see an error.

    A secure connection could not be established. The server's certificate is not trusted.

    This issue can be resolved by installing the provider's digital certificate onto your iPad or iPhone device. Such end-user certificates contain a public and private key, usually in the form of a .p12 or .pfx file that enables you to digitally sign and encrypt emails from your devices.

    To use a WebDAV service with a provider certificate, follow this procedure:

    1. Ask your WebDAV provider to send you their certificate via email or a download link.
      Important: For security considerations, make sure that your email traffic is encrypted using SSL.
    2. Open the .p12 or .pfx certificate file on your iOS device.
    3. After tapping the Install button, you will be prompted about an unsigned profile. Tap Install Now to continue.
    4. Enter your PIN or passcode (if set).
    5. The certificate is now installed.
    What to do next:

    See also "Product security certifications for macOS" from Apple.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022