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How does Vista's User Account Control (UAC) affect GoTo products?

    Having Vista's User Account Control turned on (on either machine that may be running Vista) may have an impact on GoTo products. The UAC (User Account Control) is an extra security layer where you are asked to give permission when performing system tasks. Sometimes while installing, or performing a task through our product, you will encounter an error when there should have been a prompting from the UAC.

    As a workaround you may want to temporarily turn it off by performing the following on the Vista machine:

    1. Go to the Start menu
    2. Click Control Panel
    3. Select User Accounts and Family Safety
    4. Select User Accounts
    5. Select Turn User Account Control On or Off
    6. Uncheck the box Use User Account Control (UAC) to Help Protect Your Computer.
    7. Select OK
    8. Reboot the system (if prompted)
    What to do next:

    After the GoTo products are installed or the error is resolved you can turn on the UAC using the same steps above.

    Note: With the User Account Control turned on, File Transfer to a protected folder, eg. C:\ ; C:\Windows (and everything under it), will not be possible, the UAC must be turned off to transfer there.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022