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How do I resolve Error 1311?

    An error 1311 indicates that the domain servers you are attempting to login to are not responding to the login request.

    On a Domain

    If this is a Domain computer, one you use in an Office, contact your IT Department with the error.

    Because this solution involves Core System functions within Windows, GoTo Representatives cannot assist with this error, or the below solution.

    Not on a Domain

    If the computer is your personal computer, go physically to the host computer, and perform these steps:

    1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
    2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
    3. Uncheck Network Services click next to uninstall network services. Reboot when asked.
    4. Repeat the process, rechecking Network Services so it reinstalls.

    From My Network Places > Network Connections > Setup home or small office network, and run network setup wizard to reconnect to workgroup if not already connected. You may need to reinstall the host if it is still not working.

    Tip: Please consider backing up your registry before performing these steps. You can use the related link below for instructions from Microsoft as how to do this.


    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022