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HIPAA Section E – Integrity policies and procedures, § 164.312(c)(1)

Implement mechanisms that address data integrity in information systems that contain or use electronic protected health information. (Addressable)

Access and Management: Pro, Central

  • Users accessing a host computer remotely can disable the keyboard or mouse on the host computer, thereby protecting the integrity of data inputs.
    Tip: During remote control, on the remote control toolbar, select Options > Lock Keyboard.
  • Users can set up automatic alerts to identify system events that indicate attempts at unauthorized access. Requires Central; Windows Pro hosts only.

Support and Collaboration: Rescue

  • Control access permissions at the Technician Group level.
    Tip: Open the Administration Center, select a group, and follow this path: Organization tab > Permissions.
    • Restrict groups of technicians from using remote control, Connect On LAN, or Unattended Access.
    • Restrict groups of technicians from using file transfer, thereby eliminating their ability to copy files from remote computers.