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Does the application support Terminal Server session control?

The application supports Terminal Server session control.

When connected to a Host that is a server running Terminal Server services or is hosting an incoming Windows Remote Desktop session, you will see the Terminal Server icon under Options and all active connected Terminal Server sessions.

You can only view the screen of a terminal session when the local user (the person connected to the Server via remote desktop or Terminal Services Client) is viewing the host in full screen or windowed mode. If the Terminal user minimizes the session to system tray, the Windows server turns off the display for the actual session. When you connect via the host software and select a minimized Terminal session you see the following message:

This Terminal server display is inactive

To resolve this, make sure the local user is viewing the host in full screen or windowed mode.

  • This feature is available to Pro, former Central Premier, and current Central Base plan subscribers only.
  • When you install LogMeIn Pro on a Terminal Server, LogMeIn Pro requires system reboot after installation.
Tip: You cannot open a new Terminal session via LogMeIn Pro - we only offer server level access to the Terminal server. Any Host can be controlled by only one remote user at a time.
Article last updated: 14 November, 2022