Creating a Policy for LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender

You can create a policy containing settings for LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender that you can apply to multiple hosts.

  1. In LogMeIn Pro, Go to Antivirus > LogMeIn Antivirus policy.
  2. Choose the policy you want to edit or create a new one.
  3. Select whether or not to enable Antimalware.
  4. Under Scan profile, choose from the following:
    Option Description
    Aggressive Configures the scan settings for maximum protection against any type of malware.
    Normal Provides optimum balance between security and performance.
    Permissive Provides basic security but maximum performance.
  5. Under Scheduled scans, choose from the following and set the scan schedule:
    Option Description
    Quick scan Scans major files and folders on the computer except hidden files and system files.
    Full scan Scans all files on your computer.
  6. Under Exclusion list, add any files or file types you do not want scanned.
  7. Under Device scan, select the following:
    Option Description
    Don't scan Does not scan the USB device.
    Ask to scan Asks the user whether or not to scan the USB device.
    Always scan Automatically scans the USB device.
    Block Device Prevents USB devices from being used.
  8. Enable Firewall and you can enable the following:
    Options Description
    Disable Internet Connection Sharing Disable the Windows service that allows a computer to share its Internet connection with other computers.
    Block port scan attacks Detect and block attempts to exploit open ports.
  9. Under Extra settings, you can set the following:
    Options Description
    Silent mode Run LogMeIn Antivirus in the background to prevent host-side users from accessing AV settings.
    Antiphishing Block known phishing and fraudulent websites when browsing.
    Traffic scan Scan HTTP, POP3 and SMTP traffic for viruses.
  10. Click Create or Save.