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Can I use an Access Code on a Domain?

We do not recommend you use an Access Code on a domain as the Access Code is attached to a local computer account called the LogMeInRemoteUser. Since it is a local user, it has no access to domain resources such as the mapped drives and File Manager. You may also have difficulties logging in.

If you wish to keep the Access Code for other users to login, you will need to click the More button on the host computer login page. Here you will be able to enter in the username and password. In the case of an Access Code, you would enter the username as LogMeInRemoteUser and the password as your created access code. Once entered, select from the Log on to box, the entry labeled This Computer. You should be able to log in, but will have no access to network resources.

Removing the Access Code

If you do not wish to go through the above every time you try to log in, you can remove the Access Code.

Important: Please exercise caution when deleting user accounts. Only remove the LogMeInRemoteUser account.
  1. Open the Run dialog by holding down the Windows logo key and pressing the letter 'R' on your keyboard.
  2. Type: control userpasswords2 (leave the 2 off for Windows 2000). The User Accounts window will appear.
  3. Delete the user named LogMeInRemoteUser.

You will be prompted to use your domain username and password from now on.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022