About the LogMeIn Control Panel

The LogMeIn Control Panel is your launch pad to host-side (local) LogMeIn functionality.

While LogMeIn is mainly about making connections to remote computers running LogMeIn host software, it also offers so-called "local" services directly from a host. That is, certain LogMeIn features are accessed directly from a computer running LogMeIn. The main local host features are File Sharing and Desktop Sharing.

What can you do with the Control Panel

  • Disable the LogMeIn service on the host (so no one will be able to access your computer remotely)
  • View information about connections made to your computer
  • Change the LogMeIn subscription used by your computer
  • Check for LogMeIn software updates
  • Customize and control your LogMeIn experience by setting Preferences
  • Use Desktop Sharing...
    • When you are sitting at a computer that is running LogMeIn Pro
    • When you want someone to see your desktop (for example, so you can show how to do something)
    • When you want someone to be able to control your desktop (for example, to help you solve a problem with your computer)
  • Use File Sharing...
    • When the file you want to share is too large for email
    • When you want to control how many people will be able to download your file
    • When you want a file to be available for a specific period of time
    • When you want to be able to see if the file has been downloaded
    • When you want to be able to revoke the file share