Find OpenVoice Conference Info

There are two ways organizers can personalize and secure their conferences. They each receive a unique conference identifier, and they can create a conference PIN. As an administrator, you can locate these in the Admin Center.

Find an organizer's conference room

Each organizer for GoToMeeting or OpenVoice receives a dedicated conference room. This is a numeric identifier that can be used to connect with the organizer at any time. It is also the identifier that is sent out in invite emails for scheduled conferences and meetings.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Go to the Manage Users page.

3. In the search field, type the conference room number (or part of the conference room number) that you are searching for and hit Enter on the keyboard.

4. A list of users with that conference room number sequence displays. Click the user to view their Conference Room number under Product Usage.

View conference room PINs

Conference room PINs allow organizers to set and share PINs that participants must enter to access the organizer's conferences. This enforces a layer of security if organizers change the PIN on a regular basis. Conference PINs must be enabled before an organizer can use them. See Security Codes in Conference Management for details.

As an administrator, you can view organizer's PINs. You can view them on the User Details page under OpenVoice product usage using the steps for finding a conference room, or use the following steps to view a report showing the conference rooms of the selected users.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Click Reports in the left navigation.

3. Select Conference Room Report in the drop-down.

4. Click Create. You will see a column in the report listing organizer’s PINs.


Using the Admin Center

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Create Reports in the Admin Center