Apply Custom Settings for Users or Groups (Administrator)

Learn to apply custom settings for users or groups here.

Topics in this article:

Step 1 – Select Users or Groups

View user details

Add Custom Fields

Step 1 – Select Users or Groups

Administrators can apply custom settings for users and groups.

1. Log in to the Admin Center.

2. Select User Settings from the left navigation.

3. On the User Settings page, use the "Filter by" drop-down menu to choose from All Users, All Administrators, All Managers, or Un-Grouped Users to manage settings. You can also choose users based on the seat or group to which they belong.

Or, you can enter part of a user's name or email address into the search field.

4. Existing settings for users are displayed in your filtered results. You can use the "Show Features" drop-down menu to display up to 4 settings/features at once. These settings/features in the drop-down menu will change as you switch between products.

View user details

When selecting a user/ group, you can click the name of the user/ group to view the following user details:

1. User Information

  • The Name of the user can be edited by clicking Edit.
  • The Email Address of the user is the one they use to log in.
  • The Primary Language of the user can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • You can choose to add the user to a Group.
  • The Status of the user’s account is displayed (enabled, suspended, etc.).

2. Role

  • You must select at least 1 role for a user before you can add them. You can assign the user an organizer role, account administrator role (with full account privileges or a manager for groups) or both.

    Note: To add role privileges, administrators can click the Change Settings button, which will direct them to the Manage Users page where they can change the setting for a particular product’s feature.

  • Administrators can choose to give the user administrator privileges by selecting the “Administrator for this Account” check box. You can further restrict or give complete account privileges by selecting the following radio buttons:
    • Full access to all account privileges.
    • Manager for specified group(s) with limited privileges.

You can select the limited privileges by clicking the hyperlinked privileges and selecting the check boxes. Click Apply to save your selection.

Similarly, you can click the Groups link to select the groups you want the user associated with. Click Apply to save your selection.

3. Product Usage

  • You can view the organizers’ conference room number here. If you’ve made any changes to the user’s details, click Save to apply your changes.

Add Custom Fields

Administrators can also define custom fields (e.g., attributes) that will appear on the User Details page for each user on their account by clicking Admin Settings in the left navigation, scrolling to the "Custom Field" section and clicking Add a Custom Field (the custom field can include numeric and alpha characters). When an administrator views the User Details page for a user on their account, they will see the new field. The new field will also be included in the search results when an admin performs a search on the Manage Users page, so that all users with that defined attribute will appear.

  • To edit a custom field, admins can click the name of the field, make the desired changes and click Save.
  • To delete a custom field, admins can click the Trash icon next to the desired field.

Once finished, you can move on to Step 2 – Change Settings.


Administrator Guide (PDF)