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Use video - Turn on your webcam

Turn on your webcam to show yourself.

PC or Mac - How to turn on video (share your webcam)

Find your bubble and click the video button (Turn on my webcam).

Don't see any bubbles? Click the Show participant bubbles button and then Participants .

Don't see video options? The host may not allow video (see Allow audio and/or video).

Full screen or Bubbles?

  • For meetings with three or more participants, video feeds are shown in bubbles.
  • For a meeting with two participants when using the Windows or Mac desktop app, the other person's video feed is shown in full-screen view, with an option to switch to bubbles in the lower-left corner.

Video Options

  • To stop video but remain in the meeting, click the video button on your bubble once again.
  • To mute your audio but keep your video stream active, click the Mute myself button in your bubble.
  • To change the device (webcam) used by, go to ... (Tools) > Settings > Video.
  • ​To choose how video is shown, open the desktop app and go to ... (Tools) > Settings > Video > Switch to full screen for two-participant meetings.

Android or iOS - How to turn on video (share your webcam)

Once you've joined the meeting, tap the video camera and then Connect.

Video on iPad

Video on Android