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Welcome to the GoToAssist Corporate Management Center


    The GoToAssist Corporate Management Center offers advanced management and reporting tools that provide supervisors and managers the ability to manage representatives, access detailed performance reports, review chat transcripts, replay screen-sharing sessions and monitor live activity. It empowers managers to monitor and measure remote-support performance to ensure that service-level agreements and company objectives are being met and that customer satisfaction remains strong.

    The Management Center is designed to help team managers deploy and manage GoToAssist Corporate's HelpAlert application. It allows both account-level and team managers to do the following:

    • Monitor service-level goal achievement.
    • Analyze real-time customer feedback.
    • Measure individual representative performance.
    • Monitor sessions in real time.
    • Play back full session recordings, and review chat logs and remote diagnostics.
    • Share positive feedback and reward positive performance.
    • Administer the GoToAssist service to meet specific needs.
    Note: Because the configuration of the Management Center varies depending upon the settings chosen by account administrators in the Admin Center, managers may not see all features and options when logging into the Management Center.

    The Management Center is divided into several sections, as follows. Use the options in the left-navigation to access each of these sections.

    • Dashboard: Customize your view of monitors, including postings, representatives and the queue.
    • Reports: Generate reports on portals, teams and representatives for specific date ranges.
    • Session Review: Review chat transcripts, session recordings and remote diagnostics (if configured).
    • Representatives: Set up, administer, view and edit representative settings.
    • Teams: View and edit team and subteam settings, including pre-scripted text and URLs.
    • Portals: View and edit portal settings (if configured).
    • Managers: View and edit team-manager settings (if configured).
    • Downloads: Download HelpAlert and the GoToAssist support software (if configured).
    • My Settings: Modify log-in settings and time-zone preferences.
    • Support: Access information, tools and tips to help maximize utilization of GoToAssist.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022