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Remote Diagnostics

During standard sessions, you can use HelpAlert to retrieve specific configuration and diagnostic information about the customer's computer using Remote Diagnostics.

Note: All data shown in the Remote Diagnostics screen is read-only. No system changes can be made through the Remote Diagnostics screen.
Note: This feature is not available while in session with Mac customers.
  1. While in a standard support session, click the Diagnostics icon in the Chat box or Viewer toolbars (or select Tools > Request System Information in the menu).
  2. When prompted, the customer can do the following:
    • Click OK to allow GoToAssist to send the representative their system information.
    • Click Cancel to deny the request for diagnostic information.
    • Click View to review the information; then click either Send Information to authorize sending the information, Copy to Clipboard to keep a copy of the information for further analysis or Close to deny sending the information.
  3. If the customer allows the information request, then the Remote Diagnostics window will open on the representative's screen. They can use it to do the following:
    • Click the categories in the left-navigation to view the various system information.
    • Right-click an item and click Copy to clipboard to copy the selection as text.
    • Click the Refresh button to update the listed information.
    • Click the Copy button to copy all information as text or XML.
    • Click the Save button to save all information as text or XML.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022