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Download the GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert Application

    You can download a specific version of the GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert application for your support representatives to use, or use it yourself to view sessions in progress.

    The HelpAlert application is the GoToAssist Corporate software that resides on your Windows computer and enables representatives to receive, manage and reply to incoming customer queries. Because HelpAlert is an executable file (.exe), it only needs to be downloaded once and does not require an installation process.

    Note: The GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert application is meant for use by representatives. To pre-install the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application, see Download the GoToAssist Corporate Customer Pre-Installation Package (MSI).
    Note: When using session review, you must use the same version of HelpAlert as the one being used in the session you would like to view. Some versions may not support all features.
    1. Click Downloads in the left-navigation.
    2. Click Download HelpAlert.
    3. On the HelpAlert Versions tab, click the newest version of HelpAlert to start the download.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022